Meet the Instruments

Choosing an instrument is fun! Some kids might already have an idea of what instrument they want to play… Each student will have an opportunity to have an “instrument fitting” during the school day prior to the end of the school year. This is a time for your student to work with professionals to try out a few instruments and see what instrument best fits them. Some instruments are better suited to each kid. Finding the best match will ensure your student can be successful. The more successful they are, the more they will want to practice and get even better!

We recommend purchasing an instrument from a reputable musical instrument retailer. The two local businesses that we recommend are listed below. Click on the logos to access their websites. These retailers offer flexible rental options with payment plans to help get your child a great and affordable instrument.

If you have already decided on an instrument, click the buttons beside each instrument to see a list of recommended instrument brands/models as well as a supply list of what your child will need for band in the fall.
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Percussionists in Worthington spend about 70% of the year on mallet percussion (bells). They will then transition to drum pads in preparation for 7th grade band in the spring.
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